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Botox dangers

Side effects & Dangers of Botox

There are many side effects and you should be aware of these before you accept treatment.   

In practice many of these are rare, but many are linked to the skill of the doctor, and many are linked to the particular area you are planning to have treated.   Below I list many of these complications.   

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  Side effects listed in the manufacturers data sheet can be divided into rare general effects and those specific to the area that you are having injected.  


General Side Effects 

  • * Bruising (Common – See later)   
  • * Dizziness   
  • * Skin rash   
  • * Tiredness   
  • * Muscle spasm   
  • * Numbness   
  • * General Weaknes   
  • * Drowsines   
  • * Flu-like syndrome 2% (Placebo 1.5%)   
  • * Feeling generally unwell   
  • * Dryness of the mouth   
  • * Sickness 3%(Placebo 2.3%)   
  • * Headache 13.3%(Placebo 17.7%)   
  • * Stiffness   
  • Side effects specific to the area you are having treated

    Injections around the eye 

  • *Drooping upper eyelid 3.2% (Placebo 0%)   
  • * Drooping brow   
  • * Mild inflammation of the surface of the eye   
  • * Difficulty in completely closing the eye   
  • * Overflow of tears   
  • * Dry eye   
  • * Sensitivity to light   
  • Less commonly   

  • * Inflammation of the surface of the eye   
  • * Turning out (Eversion) of the eyelid   
  • * Turning in (Inversion) of the eyelid   
  • * Double vision   
  • * Facial weakness   
  • * Facial droop   
  • * Blurred vision   
  • Rarely   

  • * Swelling of the eyelids   
  • * Ulcers develop on the surface of the eye   
  • * Eye pressure increase (Glaucoma)   
  • Find a good physician

    Many of these side effects are extremely rare, and some occur less often than someone treated with salt water injections (placebo). The main problems associated with botox, therefore, are those associated with poor injection technique.   

    Trial results

    In a study of 853 injections, ten adverse effects occurred.   Only five of these were thought to be related to the use of Botox itself.  These events were bilateral eyebrow ptosis (droop) (2 patients = 0.002%), right brow ptosis (1 patient= 0.001%), eyelid ptosis (1 patient= 0.001%) and difficulty swallowing (1 patient = 0.001%).   

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    To avoid these, and other complications, you should have the clear and concise insider knowledge that makes you an informed expert, rather than a passive victim.
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    Botox Injections - The Insider Secrets
    Botox Injections - The Insider Secrets
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