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Botox for lips

Hi – Dr Raymond Lister here.

Botox doesn’t have a huge place in the lips. This is mainly the region for fillers.

However, Botox can be very useful in tiny doses around the lips to soften and weaken the transverse lines that smokers so often get. This is because the lips are surrounded by a muscle called Obicularis Oris, and when this contracts, the lips crinkle.

Lip lines - the result of repeated puckering

 If you keep crinkling the lips (smokers!) you shouldn’t be surprised to find that you are getting lots of lines that make your lipstick bleed.

You can sort this with a few Botox injections, but you need to very careful since too much can cause you not to be able to close your mouth properly – VERY important for trumpet players, oboe players, whistlers and those who like drinking soup!

You will find all of this, and much more, in my ebook which you can download now. After reading this ebook,  you may well be better informed than your own physician! Download now…..

Here’s to all your future effective, and safe(!), Botox treatments.      


Dr Raymond Lister

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