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Botox for jowls

Nefertiti - A perfect jaw line!

Botox for jowls – Can Botox help improve jowls? Is Botox OK for jowls?

Now this is a great new use of Botox.  I am sure that you know where your jowls are, and if you have them you are probably rather resigned to them. Botox can help here. It quite simply changes the balance of the muscular struggle on the jaw line. 

Jowl treatment to restore you to Queen Nefertiti

Will Botox help on jowls?

Botox weakens those muscles that drag the skin downwards towards the neck, and thus comparitively strengthens the upward pulling muscles. It is not a miracle, but it can have quite a marked effect at restoring a youthful jawline. 

Not all Botox physicians know how to do this procedure, so you need to ask for: The Nefertiti Lift, named after the famed beauty of Queen Nefertiti. I am not sure if she had a great jaw line, and I am certainly not sure what she would feel about donating her name to a Botox treatment! 

It involves 2-3 injections just below the jaw line – Give it a try!

You can read all of this, and more, in my ebook, downloadable now. After reading this, you may well be better informed than your own physician!


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Here’s to all your future effective, and safe(!), Botox treatments.      


Dr Raymond Lister


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  • Teresa McCall:

    Know any good dr in Central Jersey can do the botox for jowl lines ?? My jowl lines are not serious..

    Thank you,

    Teresa McCall

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